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Saraiva Enterprises, Inc.

Saraiva Enterprises, Inc. is a US importer/wholesaler of fine wines, beers, and spirits based in New Bedford, Massachusetts. We were founded in 1986 and specialize in Portuguese beverages. We also carry some domestic and South American wines and spirits, as well as some products from Albania and Montenegro. We import some of Portugal's finest products including wines, dessert wines, brandies, cordials, beers and liqueurs. Please note that we do not sell directly to the public as we are restricted by Massachusetts law as wholesale importers/distributors to supply on-premise and off-premise license holders.

If you are a retailer or restauranteur in Massachusetts and would like more information on any products you see on this site, or would like a full listing of products and prices, please call us at 508-992-3263, or e-mail

If you are a consumer and would like information on where you can purchase our products in your area, please call or e-mail us at the above numbers or fill out the feedback form by clicking on the contact link in the navigation bar. 

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